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Information for Students

Information will be regularly added to these pages, so please keep checking!

September 2013

NEW - Rules and Regulations

My mobile now has a landline attached to it so should you wish to call and not pay mobile rates the number is 01782 792577. This comes through to my mobile. Should you wish to discuss anything with any of the staff then please call and I will as always do my best to answer straight away. If not then please leave a message and we will call you back. As I am sure you can appreciate, we cannot use valuable lesson time to talk through any questions or concerns you may have.

Should you have an emergency and need to contact us on an evening then please call me or the studio mobile which is 07749 521158.
On a Saturday please use the studio phone and NOT Miss Hayley/Miss Naomi's personal phones.

The dance school cannot accept responsibility for loss of uniform etc. Please make sure EVERYTHING is named so we can return any lost property items to their owner.

Due to limited space parents are not permitted to wait in the changing room - plus there are no chairs! There are a few chairs in the foyer.

To avoid spillages and stains and to help keep the floors clean, may I suggest that you only bring water on to the premises? We will be selling water and a few snacks and eventually, some uniform - including hairnets!!

May I also remind you about wearing the correct uniform and having hair neat and tidy in a bun or plait. We are introducing a 3-strike system. If a teacher has to ask a child more than 3 times to tidy up their hair or wear the appropriate uniform then they will not be permitted to dance for that 3rd class! Please encourage your child to take pride in their appearance and to follow these simple rules. Everyone looked so smart at the presentation in summer and we need to carry this on through the year.

Strictly NO outdoor shoes are permitted in the studios. The Harlequin flooring is very expensive and we do not want dirt or heels bought into the studios. Pupils doing limbering should bring a towel/exercise mat to sit on as this will prevent the floor from becoming too slippery.

Please make sure fees are paid on time. We offer so many different options and ways to pay so please don't take advantage. A full term's notice must be given should you wish to terminate your child’s place at the school.

Once we are in the new studios, please respect the property and its surroundings. The car park will be busiest between 4-5pm as the other businesses leave for the day. Please do not allow your children to run around, as we cannot accept responsibility for accidents that happen outside of the studio.

Please make sure your child arrives in plenty of time to change and warm up prior to class and are then collected promptly after. Please call/text or email if your child is unable to attend class or if you are going to be delayed in collecting them.


Items for Sale

List any dance items (clothing, footwear, etc) for sale using the new online form - click here for more information. The page will be regularly updated.


Important Information


Please make sure fees are paid on time and kept up to date. A stricter approach will now be taken, as at the end of the summer term I am still due more than £1300 in late fees. Hall rental has gone up, teachers need their wages and professional subscriptions and memberships still need to be paid. If you have any queries about your bill etc. please send me an email and I will of course endeavor to sort them accordingly.

Hair and Uniform

A reminder that hair in a bun is recommended for dance classes but a plait will also do. Ponytails, etc. are a hindrance as hair gets in your face. Please also make sure you have the correct uniform and footwear. (New pupils can wear out their old leotards and shoes - if different - before buying new!).

St Saviour's School

Polite reminder that parents are not allowed in St Saviour's School. After school the foyer can get very congested with school children, after school clubs, meetings, etc, and the cleaners at the School need to be able to clean their designated areas – which can be difficult when clogged with parents! Office doors and classrooms are left open and I don’t think for one minute you would wish to enter these rooms (though younger children can be very curious). Children should be dropped off and you may wait in the School entrance to collect them. Obviously if you need to speak to me then that is fine.

Items for Sale

List any dance items (clothing, footwear, etc) for sale using the online form - click here for more information.

Ballet Exam Results - July 2013




















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Examination Uniform (as of 7 April 2013)

Please check the second hand uniform web page for uniform for sale. All uniform orders including character and chiffon skirts, leotards and catsuits can be placed with Miss Jenny. Silk scarves are also available from Miss Jenny. Orders can also be placed direct at the Dance Place, Crewe (01270 256555).

Ballet Examination Uniform
Modern and Tap Examination Uniform

Pre-Primary and Primary

Primary, Grade 1 and 2

RAD regulation pink cap sleeved leotard with chiffon skirt
Pink ballet socks
Pink ballet shoes with elastic - preferably satin

Burgandy wear moi leotard
Modern – bare feet
Tap – white ankle socks with a frill, black low-heeled tap shoes with heel taps and preferably with tele-tone taps


Grades 1 and 2

Grade 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / IF / I / ADV1

RAD regulation Lavender leotard, with waist elastic
Pink ballet socks
Pink ballet shoes with elastic – preferably satin
Character Skirt with lilac/purple ribbons
Low heel black character shoes

Burgandy wear moi catsuit
Modern – bare feet
Tap – black tap shoes, low heeled with tele-tone taps.
Advisable to buy from either Dance Direct website
Bloch S0301 ladies £30.95 size 2 upwards, and available in half sizes
Capezio CG55 £29.95 size 2 upwards, full sizes only.
These two shoes come with the necessary taps already on.

Or go to the Dance Place in Crewe


Grades 3 / 4 / 5

RAD regulation red leotard, with waist elastic
Grade 3, pink ballet socks
Grade 4 / 5, pink convertible ballet tights
Pink satin ballet shoes, calamined with MATT pointe shoe ribbon
Character skirt with burgundy ribbon
Cuban heeled character shoe


Grade 6 / 7 / 8

Burgandy Capezio leotard (from Dance Place, Crewe)
Or Plume P62 in burgundy (from Dance Direct)
Pink convertible ballet tights
Pink canvas split sole ballet shoes
Burgandy chiffon skirt
Silk scarf
Character skirt with burgundy ribbon
Cuban heeled character shoe


Intermediate Foundation and Intermediate


RAD regulation blue Freed Alice C leotard
(Available from Dance Place, Crewe)
Pink ballet tights
Pink satin ballet shoes with matt pointe shoe ribbon (Inter foundation)
Pink soft blocks, calamined with matt Pointe shoe ribbon



Advanced Foundation      

RAD regulation black leotard
Pink ballet tights
Pink soft blocks calamined with matt Pointe shoe ribbon


Advanced 1


RAD regulation purple Freed Bethany leotard
Rest as Advanced Foundation



Items for Sale

If you have some items of dance clothing or footwear that you (or your child) no longer use or wear, you can sell them on this page. Items will only be available to people who login to the Student Area.

Click here for the form, and if accepted, your advert will be placed on this page for other students to look at (the password is the same as the one to access the Student Area Page).

If your item sells, please let jgbdance @ hotmail.com know so that this page can be kept up to date.




Black leather jazz shoes, split sole, size 3/4, good condition £4

Ann Elsmore (Becky's mum)

[listed 1.6.14]

Black cuban heel character shoes, size 3, good condition £5
Satin ballet shoes, size 6, clean, full sole, pointe shoe ribbons £4
Black/orange/yellow jungle print long sleeved catsuit costume, age 11ish £7
Two red leotards, Freed, size 2A, fair condition, fine for class £5 for pair
Lilac ballet leotard & belt grade 1 & 2 size 1 £5

Please contact Lynne Kettle (Alex's mum)
0759 839 3674
01782 774684

[updated 1.6.14]

Character shoes size 12 £3.50
Black ballet shoes size 1.5 £2.50
Pink leather ballet shoes size 13.5/1.5 £2.50
Grade 3/4/5 red leotard with elastic waist belt, excellent condition £10
Burgundy wrap round woollen cardigan, would fit approx age 8-11 years, excellent condition  
Character black Cuban shoes, size 2, black Cuban heels, excellent condition £5
Roch Valley character shoes size 3, good condition £5
Character skirt, lilac ribbon, age 7-8, excellent condition  

Alison Reynolds (mother of Abby and Eve)

[listed 3.3.13]

Character shoes (low heel, black), size 12, reasonable condition  
2 pairs of jazz shoes, black, size 10-12, good condition  
Tap shoes, black, size 3, toe taps only, good condition  
Black jazz pants and pink ballet cardigan, both to fit age 7-8, both in good condition  
Black tap shoes, size 13 with heel and toe taps  
Burgundy modern leotard, size 2, for grades 1 and 2  
Burgundy ballet leotard, size 1, for grade 3 and 4  
1 pair of white satin ballet shoes, size 4, good condition  
Character Shoes, Size 2 £3.50

Carrie Pletscher (mother of Anina)
07960 316331 [listed 3.3.13]

Purple character skirt Grade 1 + 2. Pink and white ribbons. 20.5" length and 20.5" waist. Good Condition £10

Claire Harrison (mother of Chloe and Amy)
Mobile 07596 230018
01782 642574

[listed 3.3.13]

Lilac leotard with belt size 2, excellent condition £6

Deborah Young (Alicia's mum)
01270 877700

[listed 3.3.13]

Pink leotard size 1, excellent condition £6
Size 13 1/2 character shoes, black low heel, good condition £5
Pink ballet shoe size 3, good condition £3
Hand knitted pink ballet cardigan, good condition £5
Hand knitted ballet cardigan, lilac, good condition £5
Black tap shoes with Tele Tone (on toes), good condition, size 1.5 £5
Black character shoes, size 3.5, excellent condition  

Contact Lucy Bailey or Angela Bailey
01782 772437 or email angela_bailey@live.co.uk

[listed 3.3.13]

Light burgundy leotard size 3a with matching belt, excellent condition  
Black jazz pants size 3, excellent condition  
Black tap shoes with cuban heel, size 6  
WANTED - size 1 burgundy leotard (for tap/modern) and ballet shoes size 13/32-33, my daughter is 6 years so I think size 1 is the one she needs  

Geraldine Mulcahy
07870 187972

[listed 3.3.13]

Pink leotard, size 2A, good condition  

Karen Lowe (Annalisa's mum)
07894 718067

[updated 1.6.14]

Lilac leotard, size 3, fair condition  
Lilac ribbon character skirt, grade 1/2, good condition  
RV black character shoes, size 2 (34), good condition  
RV black low heel tap shoes with teletones, size 2 (34), good condition  
Black character shoes, never used, size 3  
Black tap shoes with teletone taps, size 3, good condition  
Black Bloce jazz shoes, size 6, reasonable condition  
Black Katz character shoes, size 5, excellent condition £5

Patsy Putt (mother of Elen)
01270 873230

[listed 3.3.13]

Burgundy character skirt, Grade 3-8, very good condition, suitable for ages 7-12 £12
Bloch full tap shoes in box, black, size 1 with teletone taps on toe and heel, excellent condition £8

Sarah Griffith (Rebecca's mum)
07913 369212

[listed 3.3.13]

Tap festival costume - orange long-sleeve leotard with short trail skirt, size 1B. Suitable for age 7 or 8. Worn to 4 festivals and now outgrown. £15
Black Roch Valley tap shoes, size 13, teletone taps to toes and heels, good condition, ideal first pair £5
Black tap shoes, size 1 (ONLY 6 MONTHS OLD)  

Fleur Stott (Heidi Rolph-Stott's mother)
07814 223067

[listed 3.3.13]