Francesca moved to the Jenny Brennan School of Dance 5 years ago at the age of 6, and it has formed a central part of her life ever since. Jenny Brennan manages to achieve a rare balance between providing a nurturing and sociable environment whilst maintaining a very high standard of teaching, discipline and professionalism.

Her enthusiasm for her work and scrupulous attention to detail have been a huge inspiration to Francesca, encouraging her to strive to reach her full potential in all genres of her dancing. As as result she has developed a strong sense of self discipline and an enormous passion for dance.

It is thanks to Jenny that Francesca has achieved her dream of a funded place at vocational ballet school, and we cannot thank her enough!

Suzanne Lynn

Hope started ballet classes at Jenny Brennan's School of Dance at the tender age of 3 and has never looked back. Jenny's teaching methods and the professional attitude she's instills in her pupils has set a path which Hope has followed to reach her ambition of a place at Elmhurst School for Dance. Ballet and Elmhurst have become a huge part of Hopes life but she still looks forward to coming back to the school and values the support she still receives from Jenny.

Hope would not be where she is today if it were not for Jenny's hard work, enthusiasm and support that she shows her pupils. Both Hope and myself cannot thank her enough.